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The success of every construction project is all in the details.
         Missing just one small detail can delay your project—and cost you money.

Are you sure every detail is accounted for and under your control?

The 7 biggest problems that kill projects...
                                 and the Coordinated Project Solutions for all of them…

As the project owner, here are questions that you need answers to before you launch your project:

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1. Does your project comply with local government requirements, fit the market study, and satisfy
    all of the issues
regarding the actual Site Plan itself?

2. How will you find, negotiate, hire and coordinate the best Design/Build team to ensure success
    for your project?

  • Commercial Realtor?
  • Bank, Lender, Investors?
  • Market Study group?
  • Land Use Attorney?
  • Environmental Specialist?
  • Land Planner?
  • Civil Engineer?
  • Landscape Architect?
  • Architect and Structural Engineers?
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers?
  • Interior Designer?
  • General Contractor?
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment vendors?

3. What are the limitations, overlap and gaps in the scopes of work for everyone above?

4. How will you negotiate contracts effectively with these team members to get the best value for your     money, and yet minimize the chances that you’ll end up in court?

5. How much time and money will you lose if issues are not resolved before construction begins, and
    you’re faced later with Change Orders?

6. How will you coordinate—on a daily basis—all of your team’s schedules to ensure that your project     finishes on time and on budget?

7. Do you have systems and checklists in place for the hundreds and thousands of critical details
    necessary to ensure that your project will be a success?

Coordinated Project Solutions, LLC, has experts in development of Design/Build Projects—specializing in representing the interests of Project Owners and getting the best results. With a cutting edge, state-of-the-art scheduling coordination system and more than 35 years experience in Project Development, Design and Construction Project Management, the expert staff of CPS has consistently saved our clients between five and ten times the cost of our fee.

Whether your project is currently in the works or a few years down the road, we can take the pain out of the entire process for you.

To ensure all of your project’s details are under your control, call us for a free initial consultation
at 609-230-7800. Ask for Rich St. Maur.

Coordinated Project Solutions—Taking the devil out of the details!

Ask about our special expertise in the field of Senior Care Facilities (Independent Living, Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s facilities).

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